Incorporated in 2005, Elahi Match (Pvt.) Ltd. manufactures quality wooden safety matches of various types and sizes. With rapidly developing distribution network, our products are available in various cities throughout the country. We have a large number of satisfied buyers both in the local and international market.
Ensuring the highest quality standards from the raw material to the finished products, we are proud to manufacture safety matches that excel in quality and standards. We cherish the way we have raised the bars of quality standards in the match industries through our strict procedures and checks and balances in this very short span of time.
With the obsession to produce match boxes of impressive and eye catching designs, we're euphoric about the way our design team work day and night to ensure that they deliver the most vibrantly coloured and elegant looking safety match boxes.
We're blessed to have a dedicated workforce that make it possible to keep it high above the satisfaction standards, just the way you expect our products to be.

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